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Mike Lyons

Веб-сайт для моих собственных композиций и аранжировок. Пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь просматривать и открывать множество латуни и другой музыки для любого случая.

Мои основные интересы - музыка для британских духовых оркестров и медных ансамблей, но я также пишу небольшое количество вокальной, струнной и духовой музыки и музыки для смешанных ансамблей.

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12 Wassail Songs - Christmas already?

Новости 24.06.2019

Well, it's June and, as everyone knows, Christmas is just around the corner! It's past the summer solstice so the nights are drawing in, as we say round here and so I present you with a collection of 12 Wassail songs - one for each of the 12 days of ...

And doesn't time fly?

Новости 24.05.2019

I haven't posted for a while because I have been ridiculously busy. However, here are three versions of my latest chamber piece. It's a set of three dances based loosely on the Allemande, Courante and Jygg. Although they are based on an old style ...

New for the end of October!

Новости 30.10.2018

I am currently writing some short, easy pieces for piano. The first two are out now - Afternoon and Evening Fugue. Neither piece is paticularly programmatic, but their titles derive from the time of day when they were written, so I suppose they ...