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Mike Lyons

Веб-сайт для моих собственных композиций и аранжировок. Пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь просматривать и открывать множество латуни и другой музыки для любого случая.

Мои основные интересы - музыка для британских духовых оркестров и медных ансамблей, но я также пишу небольшое количество вокальной, струнной и духовой музыки и музыки для смешанных ансамблей.

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Three new arrangements - and a thank you.

Новости 27.01.2020

I have today put up three new arrangements of the Welsh lullaby "Suo Gan" They are for String quintet/Orchestra, Wind Quintet and Clarinet quintet. Where the thanks comes in is in reference to the speed with which the guys at MusicaNeo are working ...

Catching up after the Christmas Holidays : Buon Capodanno, Bonne année, Frohes neues Jahr, Feliz año nuevسنة جديدة سعي

Новости 22.01.2020

Welll, there's a load of new arrangements and compositions on the site as I'm putting up music that should have been done dueing December, but which I was far too busy playing to be able to manage. I recently discovered a new type of ensemble - ...

Music for bassoon ensembles

Новости 29.08.2019

I'm currently looking at all my quartet and quintet stuff and seeing what is suitable for bassoon ensembles - general double reed (with oboe and/or cor anglais) and just for bassoons ( with or without contra.) Check out the new arrivals. there's a ...