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12. Rat Tat Tat – Easy Piano

ID: SM-000344665
CompositorMike Lyons
EditoraMike Lyons
Ano de composição 2018
Gênero Clássico / Instrumental
chave Dó (C) maior
Instrumentação Piano
Composição paraSolo
Tipo de composiçãoFor a single performer
duração 1'0"
movimento(s) 12 para 12 de 23
dificuldade Easy
descripção As part of my new series for easy piano, Rat Tat Tat was inspired by the children's game of "Knock-a-door-run" which came to mind around Halloween.

This piece is looking to exercise mainly staccato playing in a fun context.

Most of the time the music is isorhythmic, with the occasional decoration and a nice little imitation in the middle section.
data de postagem 29.11.2018


Sheet music file
2.00 USD
PDF, 213.6 Kb (4 p.)


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