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Catching up after the Christmas Holidays : Buon Capodanno, Bonne année, Frohes neues Jahr, Feliz año nuevسنة جديدة سعي

News 22.01.2020 13:20

Welll, there's a load of new arrangements and compositions on the site as I'm putting up music that should have been done dueing December, but which I was far too busy playing to be able to manage.

I recently discovered a new type of ensemble - apparently, Clarinet Quintet is a thing! So, obviously, I arranged some suitable pieces for that ensemble. Mostly it's Christmas music, but, now I know that such a thing exists, I'll be including it in my list of ensembles to arrange for and may even devote some time to some new music for that type of group.

My latest brass additions to the repertoire include more Christmas music, of course, but also an updated version of my brass quintet called Scherzo. This playful little piece for brass quintet is intended for professional standard players.

The themes are treated in canon, with all 5 parts 'chasing their own tails' until letter C where the music becomes calmer and less frenetic. The triplets should be played languidly.

At Letter D, the energy of the opening returns, in a new key, leading to Letter E, Misterioso. Here we have a fugal motif starting with the tuba and working its way up through the ensemble. This is worked out through to letter G where the original music returns.

This piece should be boisterous but light throughout.



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