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News 30.10.2018 13:15

I am currently writing some short, easy pieces for piano. The first two are out now - Afternoon and Evening Fugue.

Neither piece is paticularly programmatic, but their titles derive from the time of day when they were written, so I suppose they could be said to reflect my feelings at that time.

Both pieces are easy, but the fugue is, obviously, more demanding. Afternoon has only one note at a time in the LH and, mostly, two notes in the RH. The tempo is slow enough to make the music easy to sight-read and to play. Evening Fugue starts with one note per hand, but gradually adds to the thickness of the texcture until there are two notes per hand. Again, this is to be played at a moderate tempo (to suit the player) and, although some of the rhythms are a bit challenging, it should not be beyond most players.

More news as pieces emerge.


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