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Sonata for Horn and Piano

News 07.07.2018 09:29

Sudden inspiration came to me at 6:15 this morning and the result is the first movement of a sonata for horn and piano. This is a jaunty piece, after a slower introduction,  of approximately 4 minutes in length. All the ideas, bar one, are included in the opening slower section and after they have all be stated they are thrown into the mixing pot and allowed to develop.

The horn and piano have nearly equal roles in this piece and there is much dialogue between them as they pass the various motifs and ideas between themselves.

The horn player will need to have double tonguing and flutterzunge under his/her belt as the finals section is very fast and has many repeated notes.

This is a great addition to the horn repertoire and it would work well in both concert and recital situations.

I am offering it cheaper on MusicaNeo than any of my other outlets.

Now for the other movements!


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