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Slow and steady wins the race - eventually!

News 14.06.2018 17:37

Well, what can I say? Progress is slow in getting book 7 of the madrigals finished. The biggest issue is that, as the music becomes more and more complex, it becomes mre and more difficult to 'thin out the herd' and so I have had to accept the fact that some of these beautiful songs will have to be cast with larger ensembles. This also means that I have to be really careful about voice leading, harmonic progression and other considerations.

Another kicker is that, in this book, the final songs are a little 'ballo' which is really a kind of mini opera. Also, some of the later songs are really not suitable to perform as instrumentals. Certainly, some of the 'letters' with their freely moving melodic lines and static chords would be very boring for an audience so, if I arrange these at all, it will be at the end after all the other songs have been arranged.

I have just published numbers 23, 24 and 25. This latter is a group of 4 songs which I have published together as they are all rather short, are all duets and are related by being parts of the same poem.

I have also been busy writing some new horn music and a piano piece (Horn Sonatas 1-3, Horn Piece and Peace).

Ans so the work goes on!


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