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Monteverdi Marches On Into March!

News 26.02.2018, 07:35

I've finally managed to more-or-less complete book 7 of my marathon setting of Monteverdi's Madrigals. As I carry on, I keep marvelling at the diversity of this music as it progresses from simple collections of songs towards full operatic status. By the time I get all of book 7 published we will be well into March. It often seems that people in the Renaissance were obsessed with sex and romantic affairs, but out of this obsession come some of the most beautiful and spiritual expressions of love. ...


More new news!

News 29.01.2018, 09:15

I have just uploaded Sultry Nights for Cello with piano accompaniment. The melody is so versatile it can be played on almost any instrument. If you are a cellist, if you teach one, or if you know one who is looking for some new music, this could be just what you need. It would be excellent as a GCSE recital piece. The music is very expressive and makes much use of dynamic and rhythmic contrasts.


New for January 2018 - Brass Band March - Marching through the pain

News 26.01.2018, 15:42

As a bass player, we've all done it. We've been marching along and unexpectedly gone into a pothole, or walked into bollards or posts. This march is dedicated to all those long-suffering players who have at some time fallen foul of the street furniture or the poor road surfaces with which this country is strewn! Enjoy


A Little Night Music

News 14.12.2017, 18:02

I have arranged Eine Kleine Nachtmusik for brass sextet. The separate movements are available, as well as the whole thing. I have joined together the Romanza and the Minuet and Trio because they are both quite short. Parts are available for Cornet/Trumpet 1 and 2, Horn in Eb and F, Trombone (Bass/Treble), Euphonium (Bass/Treble) and Tuba/Eb Bass (Bass/Treble). The arrangement is quite demanding in terms of bot range and technique. It will tests the tongues of every member of the ensemble and ...


New for November - Tanti Strali for Brass Sextet.

News 01.12.2017, 11:51

A brand new arrangement of one of Handel's well-loved "Arcadian" duets for Soprano and Alto arranged for Cornet/Trumpet and Horn duet with the continuo provided by brass quartet (Cornet, Horn, Euphonium and Tuba). Tanti strali is quite well known as a fine example of Baroque vocal writing, but it also works very well on brass. This would make a great concert piece for brass sextet as it has 3 sections following the pattern Fast - slow - faster. The last movement will present some challenges to ...


New Christmas Duet for Brass

News 01.12.2017, 11:50

Announcing the publication of a new duet, for any two brass instruments, of a bunch of Christmas carols - Christmas Corker. Although not aimed at beginners (some of the semiquavers would be too much for them) this duet would find use for some reasonably advanced players in a concert. I sometimes feel the more advanced players tend to get shunted out of the limelight by both the beginners and the very advanced (a bit like the middle child of three!) so this duet is something for them. There are 7 ...



News 25.11.2017, 09:37

I have begun work on the Monteverdi madrigals again, but Book 7 is proving far too complex to restrict to a quintet (as I suspected. There are simply too many variables for it to be consistently reduced to 5 voices of a quintet, so it's going to be a bit of a mixed bag. Of course, where many of the simpler chordal accompaniments can be dispensed with it'll all work out fine, but some of the more complex songs will probably have to be expanded to a sex-, sept- or octet. This is a bigger book than the ...


I'm Just Crazy Over You!

News 23.10.2017, 16:38

I wrote this piece and dedicated it to my life partner of 30 years. It expresses a tiny part of the huge joy that he brings me. I also wrote several verses of lyrics, but I can only remember the first verse: I'm just crazy over you I'm just crazy over you And the little things you do When I am with you And you make my heart race, too When I'm with you The style is very jazzy and after the slower introduction, the tempo at letter A is uptempo but still with a swing. The tuba/bass ...


The Sublime and the Sophisticated - Instrumental Duet

News 21.10.2017, 16:01

This is a fun new duet for almost any combination of Eb and Bb instruments. The time signature of 12/8 gives the music a bit of a lilt and gives rise to the slightly off-beat accompaniment patterns. The piece should sound relaxed and 'laid back' all the way through. The melody should, of course, be given prominence throughout. The semiquaver (16th) runs at the end of a bar should be non-legato, but not staccato and the septuplets, when they happen, should be slurred and even. A great little concert ...


Two Old Friends

News 17.10.2017, 15:35

I seem to be on a roll at the moment. Two brand new pieces in as many days! This is a new, original duet for Flute and Bb Clarinet (A Clarinet part also provided). The piece takes the form of a conversation between the parts, with each taking turn to speak. Both parts are of a similar standard, requiring similar demands in terms of range and control. This would make a great recital piece, or be suitable for a GCSE practical exam.