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On Time

Article 14.08.2017, 09:31

Time is a funny old thing. Apparently you can never have enough but you sometimes find yourself with too much of it on your hands. I've had just a weekend on holiday so far and I'm bored already! It's probably a good job I've got some holidays to look forward to. There's a profound difference between having a holiday and having a rest. Teachers are very aware of the difference, as are doctors and nurses, policemen and firemen. You may start your holiday at the end of your working year, but you don't ...


On the National Lottery

Article 14.08.2017, 09:15

Once upon a time, long ago and far away in a galaxy at the rim of the universe there was a celestial body called the lottery commission. It was a strange planet, divorced entirely from any other reality, but it had the important task of distributing hand-outs throughout the artistic and needy sections of our galaxy for the benefit of all. Unfortunately for the LC's credibility, it seemed to give money to those who didn't really need it and not give it to those that did. It was a sort of Robin Hood in ...


On Selfishness

Article 14.08.2017, 09:11

I never cease to be amazed at the complete and utter selfishness of some people. How many of you would park your car across the entrance to an office, bus station, petrol station, fire station? Strange, I can't see any hands up. Yet how many of you park in front of a school entrance of a weekday morning? How many of you drive into the school, despite being repeatedly asked not to, because of the danger to your children, and block everyone's access? Many. How many of you go completely colour blind and ...


On Practice 2

Article 14.08.2017, 09:08

Practice makes perfect - so they say. Although I heard recently that only perfect practice makes perfect. Such a pity, all those years of hard work wasted! What is the difference between rehearsal and practice? According to MD Andrew Jones rehearsal is what you do at band, practice is what you do at home. YOU practice your part at home, HE rehearses the band to make sure all that practice fits together to give a good performance. Of course, so much depends on the individual player. Do you practice ...


On Practice

Article 14.08.2017, 09:05

his old sod never used to practice. I was a natural talent and could spend weeks reading, watching telly and still turn up at band twice a week note and rhythm perfect. Is this statement true? No way. When I first fell in love with my instrument, I used to practice all the hours God sent. I skipped my regular timetabled lessons at school, especially games and history. My games teachers were sadists but although they missed torturing me every week, they were just as glad I wasn't there as I was. My ...


On Music in Schools in England

Article 14.08.2017, 08:50

I have been thinking hard today about Music, the academic subject. It seems to me, as both a music teacher and musician, that this country has everything the wrong way round. We say we want children to grow up with a love for music and seem to think that, as everyone has a voice everyone can, indeed, make music.  Yet how many times do you hear the government trumpeting about how wonderful music and music education are? All I hear is a deafening silence, with the occasional drip around election time ...