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Sultry Nights? Smooth, suave and sophisticated!

News 16.10.2017, 17:53

Announcing the release of a new piece for solo flute and piano. Sultry nights is a short (2' 20") concert or recital piece for flute with accompaniment. The music uses a lot of the flute's tonal range and demands fine breath control and intonation. It's not fast, requiring the same kind of control that a Tango would. The piano accompaniment certainly has that Latin feel, like a habanera. This piece is also available for Violin and Bb Clarinet. This would make a great recital piece for a GCSE ...


7th Book Adventist?

News 13.10.2017, 08:38

Just to let you know that I have begun work on Monteverdi's 7th book of Madrigals. The transcription of these beautiful songs is a labour of love and I am looking forward to the challenges this particular book poses. For a start, it is getting really difficult to boil it down to five parts. The richness and variety of the textures he is using are a marvel. The 7th book is less like a collection of songs and much more like a mini opera, complete with solos, duets, choruses and instrumental pieces. ...


Something for the horn, sir?

News 27.09.2017, 18:17

If you are a horn player in a brass band, I bet you're just tired of the regular rep? If you are a hornplayer, or look after one, why not buy my horn section feature "A Celtic Lullaby". It's not too taxing and gives the horns the chance to do something they're usually good at - being graceful! For our US viewers, horn means something entirely different in the UK than it does in your country. These are tenor (not alto) horns in Eb, so there's no sax involved! You can listen to (and subsequently ...


The pure and unadulterated bliss of the tuba

News 27.09.2017, 15:58

This is possibly the most favourite piece of mine that I have ever written. Having said that, it took me years to write. Writing for one's own instrument is something that should be done slowly, n'est ce pas? This piece would make an ideal solo recital or exam repertoire piece. It covers most of the tuba's range, has changes in tempo, key, mood and some of those short notes (you know - semithingy wotsits) at speed. There's tons of scope for expressivity (is that a word?) and the piano player isn't ...


Jolly Holidays

News 18.09.2017, 09:59

Now that Book 5 of the Monteverdi (All of the first 6 books are available) is uploaded I am going to have a few days away. I will still receive emails, but I may not be able to respond as quickly as I'm rubbish at typing on my phone!


Heads up! Book 5 is on its way

News 16.09.2017, 17:48

Just to keep everyone up to date, I will be publishing Book 5 of the madrigals within the next week. Then I'll probably have a bit of a break before I tackle Book 7. This book contains all sorts of tools that Monteverdi later used in his operas, including monody, semi-recitatives, instrumental numbers, solo arias and duets with chorus and so on. The challenge is going to be keeping it to 5 parts as much as possible, while retaining the distinctive blend of sounds. There are some numbers where ...


Hardraw Scar

News 11.09.2017, 17:10

Although it sounds like the title for a film about pirates, Hardraw Scar is one of the most beautiful venues I have ever played in. I'm really looking forward to playing in the entertainment contest there on Sunday 10th. Just have to hope the weather keeps off. The weathermen have said it's probably going to rain but I live in hope! [UPDATE 11/9/17] Well, we came, we saw, we kicked butt! Old Hall Brass scooped the Best March category, 2nd place in the  entertainment category and 2nd place ...


Problems, problems!

News 05.09.2017, 18:07

Just an update. I have added my orchestral pieces to the shop now, but I have had a few issues with the transfer of the mp3s. This means I have had to upload new files and, while I was at it, I uploaded new pdfs as well. Hopefully I've caught any silliness that may have been going on.


Four Flutes Flowing

News 04.09.2017, 21:10

In case any of you flautists are feeling neglected by not having parts in the madrigals, how about a brand new, original piece of music for flute quartet. Four Flutes Flowing was written for Sue Pamp and her quartet of C Flutes.  It started off a s just a simple piece, but soon grew into a three movement work around the idea of the flow of life, the connecting idea is a short alternating figure which features prominently in all three movements. 1. Spring: This movement depicts the birds and ...


Book 6 is completed!

News 31.08.2017, 08:33

I have managed to finish and upload book 6! It is taking a long time to upload individual songs so I have not yet uploaded all of the completed sets. I have uploaded the complete books 1-6 , but only book 2, book 6 and numbers 1 to 8 of book 1 are there as individual songs. They have the same orchestration as the complete books and give you more freedom to choose the songs that you want. At between $2.99 and $6,99 they are very reasonably priced for any brass or woodwind ensemble and make great ...